Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tuscarora Wrap Up

This past week was a real slam.  I left home on Tuesday to hit a meeting in Mercersburg before making my way to the venue. As a little aside, I'm super excited to be working with the MPMC and MacWell to build up their 5-mile run this year. You can check that out on their FaceBook Page.

After a beautiful trip up PA-75, I cruised around the venue to see what I was working with for the week. I put in a couple hours of moving dirt around from the bottom of blown-over trees' rootmass to fill in some holes in our rock work. Later in the evening, as I was picking my way up the bottom of the SuperD course, I heard lots of dog barking followed with a shot......just another unnerving encounter in the middle of the woods. The rest of the week involved a lot of trail work, some cooking, and running around to gather up all the supplies to make this gig happen.

Things were wrapping up on Friday evening- enough so that I finally got a chance to go out and sit down to dinner. A couple hours to not worry about anything before the last push. We woke early on Saturday and rolled out to the venue with trailer in tow. I picked up a new Dodge RAM 2500 two weeks ago in preparation for the weeks events. My plan is to pick up a large enclosed event trailer to work out of (why I got such a large truck), but for now I still need to rely on our 16' utility trailer loaded to the gills. The new truck performed flawlessly, without a flinch of our overloaded tow. Very satisfying to have the proper tool for the job. We stopped in at the park, and the loggers were in the middle of the road working......a bit less than ideal. I got Joe started on a couple tasks there before heading to the SuperD.

The Super D was warming up a bit (stellar high temps for the day), but was still a very sketchy run with sections of icy earth. The men’s field was shaken up a bit this year with Leland OConner taking a very solid win! Sue Haywood took the win for a second year in the women’s field with a very smooth run down Keen. Scottie McGill Jr slayed the trail to come out on top of a really nice juniors field. Everyone killed it. 

Saturday evening we got out for a lap on the course. We finally got a clear, dry run at the reroute. Establishing that it was very much doable with some knowledge of the line or just a few dabs. It was very nice to get out for a ride. I needed that. Coming back into the venue, we had an unexpected surprise to see that the loggers had driven straight across our stakes and tape! That's very frustrating. After unloading the trailer, we headed up to a friends cabin to relax a bit for the evening. 

Sunday morning was an early wake up to set up the pavilion using the headlights of my aforementioned truck (yet another positive use for it this weekend). It was DAMN cold before 7am. With everything set up and no excessive rushing around, racers started rolling in. Things seemed to be rolling pretty smooth and before I knew it I was gathering folks together on the start lines. With less people than any year past, it seemed a lot more relaxed and less stressful. Racers GO! After getting the food process started and everything moving, I got to get out for a lap and shoot some video. It was a real pleasure getting out for a lap on the course. I really do like that loop, especially with this years conditions. 

We saw 79 brave souls take on this remote race. The women’s field had heated battles between 1st and 2nd, Selene Yeager and Laura Murray, as well as between 3rd and 4th, Sue Haywood and Carolyn Popvic. What a stellar women’s race! Seeing these ladies dominate the rock garden was impressive. Hal Batdorf killed it in the Single Speed field, and local Brian Fischer took the win with a great performance in the Masters 45+ race. The men’s race saw tragedy at the end of the race when leader Rob Spreng, 2-time Tuscarora champ, suffered a mechanical that knocked him back 7 spots. Francis Cuddy (Toasted Head Racing) seized the day and stood upon the top step of the podium.

I'm glad to have everything wrapped up and am moving on full force with our next upcoming events: the Michaux MTB School this weekend (SOLD OUT) and in 3 weeks is our next race stop with the Michaux Off Road Weekend

Super D Results: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8lfGqRyCgJAZkxJenE1cWpKYkU/edit?usp=sharing

Super D Pics (slowly being added): http://fastforwardracing.smugmug.com/MountainBikeRaces/2014/2014-Keen-Trail-Super-D/38030146_kMPHg3#!i=3140646162&k=pQ5p5pV

XC Marathon Results: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8lfGqRyCgJAeU1yS2VQQjlXUEE/edit?usp=sharing
XC Marathon Pics (check these out, Abe does fantastic work and offers prints straight off the website@): http://www.aelandesphotography.com/2014-tuscarora-road-weekend-marathon-xc

A huge thanks to our sponsors for this weekends prizes: Mountain Khakis, Toasted Head Wine, Christopher Bean Coffee, ProGold Lubricants, and TubeUWare!  If you like them, let them know!!