Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What a month coming up!

We've got a full blast, all out drag race of a month lined up. Here we go:

1. Michaux MTB School Registration opens up on September 1st. This sold out last year. It's not going to sell out in 10 seconds like trans-provence, but it will get there, so reserve your spot asap.  We are offering an entry trade: if you can find us a qualified cook to step up and run the kitchen, their efforts can earn you a free entry for the whole weekend.

2. Spring Rise CX and Bike Swap is coming back to Chambersburg, PA! Registration is starting to shape up for the 2nd Annual installment of this fun little race. This will be your chance to race at Spring Rise for the year, since we will be discontinuing the January race. We are rebuilding the fly-over #dropzone to be smoother rolling this year. The bike swap will be a good chance to hang out, spread your wares, and make some trades. I would like to remind ya'll of the sweet kids race field this race had last year. Bring your whole family! No licenses needed, no drama, no bullshit. Just a fun family day at a grassroots bike race.

3. Queen of the Mountain: A Womens Specific MTB Event is being launched this year. Some really talented riders are spending the weekend at Bryce Resort, the only lift-assist bike park in VA, to ride with, instruct, and mentor women from across the East Coast. Come get a lesson, or just enjoy the lifts with our discounted lift passes for the weekend. Be a part of the start!

4. Revenge of the Rattlesnake Weekend is a gateway to Canaan Mountain. Pick any of the events all weekend to get a taste of the magic: Trials, 3 Beer Derby, 50k, 25k, Enduro, and 4 Mile Time Trial!

5. Bryce All Mountain Festival is the following weekend, September 26-28. The point to this weekend is to spend the weekend hanging out to ride AND race at Bryce Resort, the only lift-assist bike park in Virginia. Short, fast, and well built trails with a killer view makes this weekend a special spot.

6. Tuscarora Trail Weekend wraps up our month of fun with chill camping, trail work, and a sneak peak at our 50k and enduro courses for the Tuscarora Off Road Weekend in 2015.

I know it's going to be an exhausting month. But I also know how much fun it's all going to be. Pick your poison and come share some good times with us at any of these weekends. After this month of events is over, you can unblock me from your facebook feeds ;-)