Buchanan Off Road Weekend


Buchanan Off-Road Weekend

We've got a brand new location to share with the world. We headed west and did some digging to come up with this new venue! The mountains are high for southern Pennsylvania, capping out at 2,300' in elevation. This was the original gateway to the west, with lots of history in the area from the French and Indian war era. It's gorgeous, and I know you'll like it. I'd hate to say its "easier" than the other venues, but its a different kind of trail system and "easy" is an incredibly relative term.  This part of Buchanan has a lot of ski/snowmobile trails and double track. Come make up your mind for yourself, try something new!

June 27-29, 2014

2014 Buchanan Off-Road Weekend Information:


Event Schedule:

8am: Super-D Course Practice Opens (No Shuttle Support)
9:30am: Fundraiser Ride Check-in
10am: Fundraiser Ride (100% of Proceeds to the Local Trails)
1pm: Super D Registration Opens
1:45pm: Super-D Course Practice Closes
2pm: Super-D Race Starts AT THE TOP(individual starts @ 1min intervals) 
3:30pm: (directly after race finish) Awards
6pm: Early # Pick-up at XC Marathon Race Start 


8am: Registration Opens

9:30am: Registration Closes
9:45am: Pre-race Meeting
10am: Race Starts
12pm: Stryder Race (Kids race for 3 laps of a super short loop around the parking area, less than 20 minutes)  (If no kids sign-up, it will be cancelled) 
1:30pm: Food Available
2pm: Race Cut-Off
3:00 pm: Awards



Super D:
1) Open Men
2) Open Women
3) Juniors

Endurance Race:

5) Beginner Open

6) Stryder Race (If we don't have enough kids turn out for this, we won't run it. It's not fun to be the only person racing)



Pre-Register PLEASE!

Super-D $25
Endurance $60 (Beginner Open $25)

Day Of:
Super-D $30
Endurance $75 (Beginner Open $35)

Fundraiser Ride: (100% to the Local Trails)
$5 with additional donation options

Registration is really simple for pre-registered riders: show up, locate registration, Look up your name in the book with your category, sign your waiver, and affix your number plate to your bike. No extra forms and nothing additional to fill out, just a signature.

Registration for Day of athletes: please fill out the day of registration form(located on a table near registration), wait in line, pay (with late fee), give the volunteer your form, take your number plate, and get ready to race.

THERE ARE LATE FEES FOR DAY OF REGISTRATION, don't be surprised by this when it happens.

Also, take not of our Refund Policy located in our website. Don't wait until the last minute if you decide to cancel.



Thanks to our sponsors:

HaySue's Spicy Salsa

A.E. Landes Photography


Race Courses and Info:

A Super-D race is a short, skill based type of race; primarily dropping in elevation but including small climbs and power sections. The course is open for practice runs and that is half the fun! There is no shuttle service or lift assist at this event. Pedal up and pedal down!  Racers will go off individually at 1 minute intervals.

If you run your own shuttle on Friday or Saturday morning here's a couple guidelines:
1) Don't drive like a jackass
2) Don't block the road
3) Be respectful of other forest users
It's important that we don't have conflict with anybody. We want to stay in this forest. 

 Super-D Course

It starts out wide open on double track. You'll need power, and you'll need the guppies to handle the speed you make for yourself. It gets a little tighter, and then BOOM, It's single track. There' are giant rocks to your left and your right letting you know that it'll be a rock garden until the end. When the rocks thin out a bit, it steepens up for a quick dip to the finish line. 
 *Super D Course Map
 *Descent Profile
*Transit Profile

XC Marathon Course (Endurance Race and 1 lap for Fundraiser Ride)

 **XC Marathon Course

*XC Marathon Profile

The XC Marathon race will go for 4 hours. If you get out on your last lap before 2pm (4 hours), you will be able to finish that lap. However if you get in after 2pm, you are done racing and will be scored at such time. Very similar to what most 24 hour races do for scoring.

*Combined Courses

Come out and enjoy an awesome weekend, while having a lot of fun on a great course while racing your friends. Carpool on out and bring a bunch of people to make it even more exciting.

Please carpool if you can!


Race Meal (Sunday):

We've got a build your own nacho bar lined up with lots of tasty toppings to pile up on top of a mound of crispy tortilla chips.

Park like you know how to...it's a field. Please carpool as much as possible.

Feed Zone:
The approved feed zone will be noted with signage. This is located after the finish line area. Please use this area for your coolers/stands/bottles/etc.


Race Food/Support:
We will have Regular check point station food, and a selection of essentials. (Banannas, fig bars, licorice, chips, pretzels, granola bars, etc.) You know what works best for you and what tastes best. What you will find with our bars/gels/etc will be hit or miss, so I suggest bringing your own energy product if you have preferences. You can leave a drop bag anywhere in the feed zone. The feed-zone is marked with signs.


We've got free onsite camping. It's rustic, but hey, it's car camping. Super simple, super easy. Please sign up for it on bikereg.com so that I know who to expect, it won't cost you anything to sign up for camping. 

ARE YOU NOT A Tent CAMPER? Plan ahead, get a group together, and rent an RV!  It's affordable. If you have 5 people, it is under $100 all said and done, factoring gas from pick-up in Carlisle. Look into it HERE.



-No littering. If I see you littering, I will kick you out of the event. This goes for gu wrappers and the like. Keep my forest beautiful.

-Be kind to everyone. NOBODY likes "that guy". Don't be that guy.

-If you cut the course, intentionally or not, own up to it. If you own up to it, I'll let you finish in last place of your category (it happens sometimes, I understand) and still earn points. If you don't own up to it, and at least 3 people can testify to it, I kick you out of the event and publicly humiliate you. It's not cool.

-If somebody is hurt on course and you find them, it is YOUR responsibility to find a course marshal and let them know! No race is so important that you can't help someone out. Ask if people need a hand.

-No cheating, bad sportsmanship, throwing bikes, temper tantrums, uproarious behavior, or making a scene. I'll kick you out on principle.

-If you think there is an error in your results, bring it to my attention like a responsible adult and we'll get it taken care of with the timing company. If you corner me and attack me about a finish error, I will kick you out and DNF you. Nobody deserves that kind of behavior.

-No solo fires. Charcoal/gas grills are fine, but don't dump it in the parking lot or edge of the woods. Bring it along, take it home.

-Dogs Permitted- please keep them on a leash though....I love dogs, but not everyone does. Pick up after them, I hate stepping in sh*t. No dogs on course during the race please.



Buchanan State Forest
Bark Road (Near Route 30)
Saluvia, PA 17228

Coordinates: 40.010401,-78.147685 

Google Maps: https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msid=215692870800456584052.0004ec1e2d3a94885ac7f&msa=0 



I reserve many rights. Mostly the right to change my mind an excessive amount of times and also the right to be wrong and make mistakes. And to mix up numbers and words. Sorry, that's just how it is.