Cross Races

What can you say after a cross race? Can you say anything after a cross race? You should be catching your breath! The C2CX Series is a local cross series designed to celebrate this beautiful style of racing, introduce new riders to cyclocross racing, and to have a lot of fun getting dirty! This is an unsanctioned series that will fill in some gaps in your cross experience. If you want sanctioned races, go find one somewhere else, there's a ton of em. In fact, I scheduled the best that I could so that you can still race the PACX (our wonderful state cross series) AND the MAC (the premier series in the Mid-Atlantic).  I believe in beer feeds. I believe in riding a mountain bike at a cross race. I believe that riding a cross bike for more than an hour is still fun. I believe in single track. I believe in run ups that make you crawl. I believe in a lot of dismounts. Stairs. Tan Bark. Gravel. Grass. Mud. I love mud. Weeds. Water. Ice. Snow. wait, I don't believe in pavement. I believe in hard racing and bumping your friends in the corner. I believe in taking a beer feed when its handed to you. (I believe in that 32mm tire width, euro rubber, groomed course stuff too......I just prefer to do that somewhere else) This is an older style of cross racing, and it's a newer side of cross racing. Let's have some fun.

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2013-14 RESULTS:     Race #1     |     Race #2     |     Race #3     |     Race #4     |     Race #5     |     Race #6     |     Race #7     |     Series Standings     |

2013-14 PICTURES:     Race #1     |     Race #2     |     Race #3     |     Race #4     |     Race #5     |     Race #6     |     Race #7     |


2014-15 Cross Schedule:

 Spring Rise CX     |     September 7     |     Registration
Tuscarora Gravel Queen and Night Race    |     October 4     |     Registration
Orchard Cross     |     November 1     |     Registration
Christmas Cross and Trail Doggie World Champs     |     December 27     |     Registration
SSCX Semi's     |     January 4     |     Registration
Highpoint Team Relay     |     January 18     |     Registration

*Bold Events are our focus events

Race Categories and Prizes:

Early Race
Open Men
Open Women
Masters 40+
Juniors Under 18

Late Race
Single Speed
Open Race

We have a perpetual cup for both the early race and the late race that goes to the overall winner at each. That winner gets free entry into the next race to return and defend it. The winners at SSCX Semi's in January keeps the cup until the next year.  At the Highpoint relay, we have perpetual trophies just for that race. They work the same as the cups, but in addition to free entry in the next years race and keeping the trophy, you get to add a plaque with your team name and the year you won. Overall winners of the early/late race get the cup, but all the categories get split out for the "official" results so that you can see how you stacked up against your peers.  


Bike Wash Station:

ProGold Lubricants has hooked us up to have a bike wash on hand for all of our races this fall! So come try some of their washes and lubes, get your bike clean, and then go check out their website:

Pro Gold Lubricants


Series Long White Elephant Raffle:

One year, I was invited to a white elephant party. Everyone brought a gift to put under the tree, and our names were picked out of a hat for when we got to choose a gift. We could either choose a gift from under the tree, or we could choose to steal the gift someone already had. If your gift was stolen, you would pick another one from under the tree. We kept drawing names until the last gift was gone. I was having such a good time, I don't even know if there were enough gifts!

So here we go, a white elephant raffle! You can buy as many tickets as you want. Sometimes names are drawn repetitively. Imagine winning a bike frame. Then imagine the next person who gets drawn, stealing your frame. Jerks. They knew how much you wanted it. This will be all the prizes for the series pulled into one pot! So don't miss out at the last race of the season! You must be present to win. No exceptions. 


Lil' Belgians Races

Each race will have it's own seperate Lil' Belgians Category going off mid day. This is for kids 10 and under. Depending on attendance, we will split up into different heats, based on similar ages. We'll have a separate short course set up for the lil belgians course. Everyone is a winner. No times. No places. Pedal bikes and Stryders both welcome. Parental assist is also okay. We need to have at least 3 kids to have a race. 



At each race we'll try to do a potluck! Bring some food or brew to share. We'll have a few tables set up at each race to put the food items on. If you bring a cold item, bring it in a cooler on ice. Remember to take your dishes and utensils home with you at the end of the day. If you don't contribute, don't partake. 


Individual Race Information


Spring Rise CX and Bike Swap     |     September 7     |     Registration

Series opener!! Come out and join us for the kick off to our 2014 season with an unsanctioned, grass roots series focused on getting people on bikes and having fun. We'll also be having a bike swap, beer garden, and hopefully a band or two. There's lot of fun to be had, so sign up today!


Spring Rise Landscaping
2091 Edgewood Rd
Chambersburg, Pa 17202 

Don't let anyone tell you that a flat venue can't be fun! We've got free range and machines to build with! A piece of singletrack surrounds the property, with nice field in between. We will be running through greenhouses, obstacles, and anything we can churn up. We do another race here in January (SSCX Semi's) and will switch things up for another unique course. Expect something quite different than your normal cross course. 


Tuscarora Gravel Queen and Night Race     |     October 4     |     Registration

8:30am- Registration Opens
9:30am- Registration Closes
10am- Gravel Queen Start (All Distances)
3pm- Lil' Belgians
4:30pm- Night Race Registration Opens
5:30pm- Registration Closes
6pm- Main Race
8pm- Single Speed and Open Race

Showaker Trail Head
Laurel Run Rd
Blain, PA 17006
Coordinates- 40.263412,-77.562973 (make sure you use the appropriate format in your gps)

Showaker Trailhead is a mile and a half up the road from Fowlers Hollow State Park.

Night Race Course
A mix of single track, double track, and parking lot. Lots of logs and a tunnel tent of mayhem. 

THE NIGHT RACE IS AT NIGHT AND YOU NEED LIGHTS!! If you don't have good lights, get some flashlights and some ductape!

Gravel Queen Course
We've got a great, simple course on tap. It starts off on a double track that leads you to a dirt logging road that's a gradual climb, wrapping around a bowl in the mountain. At the bottom end, it connects back to a gravel road before turning into a much tighter double track climb. This might be a hike a bike at the top. At the top of the double track, it keeps climbing up gravel road to the top of the ridge where it hits a double sided checkpoint with drop bags before continuing to climb up a lush green double track. What a climb!! At the end of the double track, it turns down into a piece of single track that leads you to a gravel road. That road brings you up past an amazing vista of Henry Valley before hitting the double sided checkpoint and your drop bags once more. From there, it is a great piece of ridge-line double track before a blazing gravel descent. You'll hit some rollers before headed back to the start/finish again. You can set up a pit for yourself if you are doing multiple laps. Each lap is approximately 20 miles with 2,870 feet of climbing. Quick math says that the 40 miler is 5740' and the 60 miler is 8610'. 

Feed Zone/Check Point/Drop Bags
You can set up your feed supplies anywhere at the race start for in between laps. We will have a little check point with water (just water) around mile 8 and 12. It is a double sided check point and you can have 1 drop bag there. Make sure your drop bag has your number on it. Clear gallon bags work really well with sharpie on them. Bring your drop bag ready to go, and have it at reg well before your race starts.  


Orchard Cross     |     November 1     |     Registration 

Info TBA.


Christmas Cross and Trail Doggie World Champs     |     December 27     |     Registration

Come join us for a special holiday race! It's worked out these couple years to have it the day after and before christmas, so here ya go: Christmas Cross! It's a little old school as far as cross goes: plenty of run ups, downed trees, single track, and an iced over pond if we are lucky. If I can get rebar stakes in the ground we have barriers, and if its a little warm, we have mud! So come win an extra chritmas present and have some fun!

Please Don't Call the Carlisle Family YMCA to ask questions about the race. Especially for questions that have answers here on the website! My contact information is on here, I'm happy to answer questions. 

Course Description:
Mostly single-track, double-track, and open field. Short punchy climbs/run ups. Smooth trails and lots of log hopping. Expect pure craziness. If you have any doubts what that means, watch the video from last year.
New Frontiers (A carlisle family ymca day camp)
520 Stone Church Road Carlisle PA 17013
Park at the 2nd entrance in the field lot (signs directing you in) and walk on over to the pavillion, we'll have reg and free coffee. Start, finish, and porta john will all be right there. I'll whip up a special batch of chili, and with some potluck contributions, we'll have a great time!

I'll russle up something creative and wrap it up so you feel like Santa gives a hoot about you ;-) Perhaps some christmas bacon too! Prizes will be hidden out in the woods, so everyone has the chance to be winners!

Trail Doggie World Championships: (unofficial of course)

There's a few things you should know about this one folks:
-Handlers can either ride their bike or run
-Handlers need to remain within 100 yards of their dog
-That dog needs to be controlled (behaving well)
-First dog across the line wins (as long as the 100 yard rule is abided by)
-Dogs do one lap of the ~2 mile course 
-Race starts about 4 minutes after the start of the main field. 
This is my christmas gift to you this year! It's free as a thank you for doing the rest of the races this year. Even if you haven't done any other races, you can still come on out.  Merry Christmas.

There is an option when you register to "Pick Your Price", if anyone feels the need to donate some cash to the race.


SSCX Semi's     |     January 4     |     Registration


Flat, fast course with 2 stair cases, berms, 2 mulch pits, single track, log crossings, run-ups (in the ice), greenhouses, death spirals, and lots of cheering fans!


Highpoint Team Relay     |     January 18     |     Registration

We've got a wonderful venue at the Highpoint Farm, home of Ecotone Inc. We'll wind through the fields, some wooded trails, and riding through buildings!

2120 Highpoint Rd
Forrest Hill, MD 21050

Event Schedule
8am- 5k Run 
8:30am- Registration Opens
9:30am- Registration Closes
9:30am- Doggie Race
9:50am- Staging for Leman's Start 
10am- Race Start
2pm- Course Cut-off 
3pm- Awards

Solo Men
Solo Women
Duo Coed
          - Simple, its a guy and a gal. 
Duo Ladies
          -Simple, its two ladies.
Duo Men
          - Simple, its two guys. 
4 Person: Under 80
          - The combined age of all four team members should be equal to or lower than 80 years of age.
4 Person: Over 200
          - The combined age of all four team members should be equal to or higher than 200 years of age.
4 Person: Cat 1/2
         - I'm not going to check licenses, but this is for people that are category 1 or 2 level rider. In mountain bike terms that is expert and pro. 
4 Person: Cat 3/4
         - I'm not going to check licenses, but this is for people that are category 3 or 4 level rider. In mountain bike terms that is beginner and sport. 
4 Person: Coed
         -Any mix of female/male team combinations. Must have at least one person representing both sexes. 
4 Person: Ladies Open
         - Ladies only in this category.
4 Person: 1 Half Ton of Fun
         - The gross weight of the team combined should equal 1,000 pounds. Riding gear and bike can be included in your weigh in. (No, there isn't an official weigh in) 
4 Person: Silly Speeders
         -All racers on the team have to be on Single Speeds.

During registration you'll be asked for your series category. 

This will be the series final. We'll hold the white elephant raffle and hand out series awards! So make sure to add this onto your schedule as a must go to event!