Michaux Double Down Enduro

I downright love enduro racing. In fact, east coast enduro racing fits me pretty well.  I've been very hesitant to put one on though....partly because I know how hard it is to get the logistics dialed in perfectly. But I go to the races and watch them pop up everywhere. Sometimes I'm stoked at what people are putting on, like the Enduro day at TSEpic or Chris Scott's version at Massanutten. But there's other races I go to and just wonder what in the world they were thinking. Not their fault, it's probably just my expectations.  So it's about time that I put my money where my mouth is, and try to put on the best enduro I can. I think that starts with the trails you pick, and that's right where I started. Moss and Vista are the two runs we will be on, and I believe in them. I think you'll love them. Together, they cover the full range of technical riding: slow torque based rock gardens, twisty single track, flowy single track, big rock features, small rock features, fast rock gardens, wide open gravity fed single track, and full-bore power hungry single track. Next, there are those pesky logistics: timing and emergency planning. I grabbed a system I've raced with twice, and actually like: Sport Ident. And we are well prepared on course for safety, like a good boy scout should be. BUT, we are starting small and limiting the field, just to make sure that the biggest logistic works out just like all the schematics I drew out on napkins: flow. It's no fun getting to the start and waiting an hour in line to do your run. Next year, we've got some bigger plans, but for now lets have some fun riding our bikes!

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Sunday November 3rd, 2013



Laurel Lake Day Use Area
Michaux State Forest
800 Pine Grove Road
Gardners, PA 17324

40.041199,-77.269525 (make sure you have the right style coordinates selected in your gps)



Daylight- Course Opens
9am- Registration Opens
High Noon- Racer Meeting and Start (at the pavillion)
3:30pm: Awards



Men Open
Women Open
Masters 45+
Juniors Under 18
Single Speed Open
Hardtail Open



Top-3 in Each Field receive custom awards designed by the Carlisle Arts Learning Center and some bottles from Iron Hill Brewery!

If we hit 100 racers, we will payout $500 to men 3-deep and $500 to women 3-deep. ($250 for the W, $150 for second, and $100 for third.



I'm so stoked to share these two trails with you! Vista is fast and fun with some big moves. For the most part its very flowy with quick pedaling (though very rocky). Moss has some slower rock gardens that are very challenging to clean every time, a handful of tight switch backs, twisty wooded single track, and a wide open power section. The two runs are very different from each other, except for one big shared attribute: lots of ROCKS. Paired up, I think these trails reward a well rounded racer with a balance of skill, power, and confidence. I also think you'll get very pumped up on them. 

You get two chances at each trail. It's twice the chance to perfect the lines.....or twice the chance to boggle everything up!

2013 Preview

Transition Climb

Moss Trail- Segments 1 and 3

Just a little bit more about perhaps the biggest standout feature on Moss. (Technically its on Traverse)

 Vista Trail- Segments 2 and 4



We'll be using the SportIdent system. This is the one where you swipe a card in at the beginning of a run and out at the end of a run. There are many ways to attach your card to your person, including a retractable key fob, saftey pins on the back of your glove, or just stuffing it in your bra. Think up some creative attachments and come prepared. 

You'll get your card at registration and we'll activate it for you by swiping it in the main computer. After you climb the mountain and are ready to start your run, you will swipe it at the start. You STOP at the finish line and swipe it again. If you miss it, your time will still be running. Then you climb up to the start of the next run and do it all over again. After you have completed all of your runs, you come back to registration, hand us the card, and we swipe you out, This step is important. If you don't give us your card at the end of the day, we can't swipe it, and you won't get times for the day, oh no! 

We get charged for lost of damaged cards. It's $20. I know you can handle not losing your card. Don't lose your card. 



I just want to make a little note to say, PLEASE MAKE GOOD DECISIONS.  Ride to your ability. It's a fine line between a really fast, awesome experience and a totally fucked up day (if not worse). It is always best to be able to ride tomorrow. These trails are advanced....not that you have to be "fast" to come ride them and have a good time. It just means go at a speed you are comfortable with. Even the best of us have a lapse of focus and crash. Be smart and safe.....that's all I want to say. I don't want anyone to get hurt.