Michaux MTB School

The Michaux Mountain Bike (MTB) School is the keystone of our School of Hard Rocks program. Nestled amongst the hardened trails of Michaux State Forest, we've got some of the biggest names around to help you get better at riding your bike in some of the most technical terrain you can think up. The atmosphere around the camp is relaxed and the learning is magnetic. Don't let words like Hard, Technical, and ROCKY scare you away! We believe that everyone can learn to ride technical trails at a comfortable and safe pace. We also believe that some of us can push our limits as much as we want. We offer a way for mountain bikers to enjoy the tough trails and rugged beauty that the mountains have to offer. Come unlock the keys to success, and build a strong foundation of technical riding skill.

If you want to spend a weekend learning, improving, and focusing on mountain bike skill development, this is for you!


"Saturday night dinner was pretty freaking awesome. I did not expect that we would be having salmon, roasted beets and squash, salad, and couscous. After dinner we had a Q and A session with the pros. This was the point that I sat there, falling in love with mountain biking all over again." ~Karen


2015 School Info


March 27-March 39, 2015

Check in on Friday night is 5-6pm. We'll start orientation activities at 7pm. You'll get to meet the coaches and get to know everyone!



Camp Thompson YMCA Summer Camp
Pine Grove Furnace, Michaux State Forest, PA


800 Pine Grove Road
Gardners, PA17324



Is this camp for you?

The answer is most likely yes. There are three things we are doing with this camp: 1) keeping it affordable by filling it up, which means a larger group at a 12:1 rider to instructor ratio, 2) covering a broad spectrum of terrain, skills, and rider abilities, 3) bringing skills training to as many people as we can, because we believe that you can do this.

Because of #2, we have a wide range of abilities. This is a good thing, it makes for a lot of experience sharing from not only instructors but your classmates as well. The best thing to do is to know what you want out of the camp. Some folks who attend are very experienced riders that want a little tune up after the winter or a little structured skills training from a fresh set of eyes. Some folks are road riders that are great riders but aren't comfortable on technical mountain bike trails. There's also folks who just like attending to spend a weekend with us riding in Michaux.  Everybody brings in unique goals, experiences, and expectations. If you've never ridden a bike before, you should probably get some experience before you sign up. (We can help you with that in one-on-one or small group lessons, just email us) If you are a semi-pro mountain bike super star looking to fine tune your skills, you need much more personalized time and training than you'll get during this weekend (We can help you too, email us to set something up).

Are you asking how much riding we actually do? Saturday is the "big" day. We spend about 6 hours out learning. We only ride 5-7 miles the whole day. The first half of the day is spent in the field at the camp, working on fundamentals. We ride 2 miles to the top of the mountain on a gravel road. Then we pick one of two options to come back down 2 miles on some of the best single track around. We do a lot of sessioning, riding the same section of trail multiple times. You will spend a lot of time standing, watching, learning, and interacting with the group. Sunday you can chose what you want to do. We split up into groups: working on skills a little more, a ladies ride, a slower ride with lower distance, a medium ride at a pace dictated by the group, and an advanced ride.

If you are still wondering if this is right for you, send us an email :-)



Men's- $299
           The men's group will work with Harlan, Jay, and Ryan on Saturday. 
Women's- $299
           The women's group will work with Sue and Selene on Saturday. 
Advanced Junior's- $159
           The junior's group will work with Gunnar and Jeff all weekend.  This group is more oriented in starting a successful path of mountain bike racing as a lifestyle choice.  Jeff and Gunnar have multitple classes scheduled for the weekend, including woking on bikes, talking about training, and racing topics. They also have some friendly competition lined up. 
Lil Rippers Rides-$95 (Ages 12 and Under)
           This group will have much shorter rides, and will be having a lot of fun in the woods! Ideal for ages 7-12. 

Friday Fundamentals Class- $25
          This is a special class designed to help you get up to speed and build your confidence with a slightly smaller coach to student ratio. It is entirely in the field at the camp on to cover things like bike set-up, basics, and to help cover the foundational skills necessary to build with for the weekend.  If you aren't feeling 100% confident about the larger classes for the weekend, this is a good way to get ahead beforehand.  



1pm- Fundamentals Class
4pm- Camp Open to Arrivals
5pm- Registration/Check-In
7pm- Welcome Meeting

8-9am- Breakfast
9:45am- Staging for Class
10am- Hit the Trail! After a couple hours in the field at the camp focusing on fundamentals, groups will head out on the trail with their coaches. Dress warmer than you think you need to, take extra clothes, and bring lots of snacks because all the instruction will be done out on real trails in real life scenario's. You'll be stopping frequently to talk about technique and form while looking at different types of trail. Stopping to session (ride a certain feature repeatedly) is the order of the day. Plan on being out on the trail for 5-6 hours during the day.  You can expect to ride around 5-10 miles during the day. 
4pm- Yoga
5-6pm- Dinner (We're pulling out all the stops for a great meal!)
6:30pm- Q and A with the Pro's Open format question and answer session with all the pro's. Come prepared with a handful of questions to ask them. Everything is on the table from training, racing, and traveling to equipment and team selections.  We'll keep until until all the questions are answered or by 9pm. 

8-9am- Breakfast
9:15am- Staging for Ride
9:30am- Trail Ride  This ride will break up into groups: working on skills a little more, a ladies ride, a slower ride with lower distance, a medium ride at a pace dictated by the group, and an advanced ride.  Plan on 3 hours or so. 
1pm- Lunch
2:30pm- Departure



We've got a great line-up of coaches with extensive knowledge and successful careers as professional mountain bike racers. You can still see all of them racing today.

Harlan Price
Harlan has a reputation for being the best endurance racer in the Mid-Atlantic. He's raced everything from local Super-D's to Marathon World Championships. Right now he's at the forefront of the east coast enduro scene and building up his company, Take Aim Cycling. 

Jay deJesus

Jay has been around since mountain biking started. Passionate about racing, skills, and creating sick bikes (Jay is behind EWR Bikes), he has a tremendous amount of passion and experience to share with you.

Check him out!

Susan Haywood
When it comes to hard mountain biking, Sue is right at home and making it look easy. With national and world titles, Sue has had an amazing career as a professional mountain biker and is still crushing the competition at 100 milers, MTB stage races, and enduro's. She's a huge advocate of mountain bike culture and women's riding!

Cheryl Sornson
Cheryl races for Team CF and is ripping it up across the country, having won the NUE 100 miler series the last two years in a row and racing at La Ruta de Los Conquistadores this past year.

Check Her Out


Gunnar Bergey and Jeff Bahnson (Juniors Coaches)


Friday Night Snacks (eat dinner before you come)

Saturday Breakfasts: Continental Style
Lunch: On trail Sandwiches and Snacks
Saturday Dinner: Salmon, Cous-cous, and Roasted Vegetables

Sunday Breakfast: Continental Style
Sunday Lunch: Hotdog Bar and Vegan Chili



Group enclosed cabin-style lodging is available to registered camp participants free of charge. NOTE*********To reserve your bunk in a cabin you just pre-register and SELECT WHICH CABIN you will be staying in. That way your friends can reserve bunks in the same cabin with you. There are single size mattresses on these bunks. There is electricity also. There is NO heat in these cabins. There are also no linens. Bring a heavy sleeping bag, pillows, and plenty of extra blankets.

ADDITIONAL NOTE********* If any cabin is left in an unacceptable manner, every occupant of that cabin will be charged an additional $15 for the weekend.*****

(You can also stay off-site at a hotel in Carlisle, PA if you desire to. No discounts will be given for staying off-site)



There are 4 fire rings already in the camp, please limit your fires to these areas. Also plan ahead and bring small amounts of dry firewood. Take extra firewood home with you. Do NOT leave fire areas unattended. If you leave, put it OUT. Do not put trash in the fires.



There is a large bathhouse with hot showers in individual stalls, lots of sinks, and plenty of toilets. There are two sex-specific sides to the bath house, respect other users and stay on your own labeled side.



I reserve many rights. Mostly the right to change my mind an excessive amount of times and also the right to be wrong and make mistakes. And to mix up numbers and words.

If you have any questions, email me at fastforwardracingproductions@gmail.com