Trail Bucks, Refunds, and Transfers

Trail Bucks Program:

Volunteers keep these races running smoothly. They make my life easier, and they make the race better. I'm truly appreciative of the time and resources spent by my volunteers to help us out. I came up with the Trail Bucks Program to give back to the volunteers that give so much to me.

Here's how it works:

1. For each event, there will be "X" number of volunteer spots that you can sign up for on the pre-registration page.

2. There will be a quantity of hours listed on that page.

3. The hours listed will be multiplied by $6 per hour. (I derived that number based on the cost per mile for a race multiplied by the hours involved to make that race happened, which is a sliding scale based on distance versus time cost)

4. You sign up, show up, and complete your position to the best of your ability. (I'll email you position details at least a week ahead of time)

5. I'll track your earned Trail Bucks on a google SpreadSheet, which you can redeem redeem for race entries.

6. Email me when you have enough points or want to redeem what you have for a race.

*If you have special skills like graphic design, rad marketing techniques, or make really good cookies, email me and we can set up trades for that time/product too. 

- If you sign up and don't show up, you'll be banned from FFRP events for 1-year.
- If you do a bad job, you don't earn the full Trail Bucks.
- Trail Bucks can be used for partial or whole entries.
- Does not count towards merchandise or food.
- No real monetary value.
- Redeemable for up to 13 months.
- Someone else can NOT use your Trail Bucks. Non-Transferable.


Refund Policy:

I understand that racing is expensive, I race a lot too. Race promoting is also expensive, and I rarely have any leeway in each events budget. In an effort to keep everything upfront, I came up with the following refund schedule to refer to in case of a necessary refund situation. Please keep this in mind when making your racing plans. Extreme cases will be evaluated on a case by case basis.



Entries are transferable, but only up to 48 hours in advance. After that the entry is forfeited.