Tuscarora Ultra 24 Hour Trail Run

We do things a little differently in the hills of PA. We believe in having fun in the woods with our friends. Join us July 13-14, for the Tuscarora 24 Ultra: Everyman's Ultra. We're gonna get a little fast. We're gonna get a little loose. We are gonna have some fun runnin' through the woods. It's a no frills, clean cut event. There won't be any fancy expo areas or shiny catering trucks. Support yourself and your friends as you see what you can accomplish in one day. This may just be the way for you to break into that Ultra running career you've always been tempted by. Afterall, a 100 miler takes on average 15-30 hours to complete. Shoot for the middle and do what YOU can.


July 13-14


Showaker Trail Head
Tuscarora State Forest
Near Blain, PA


Pre-Registration is preferred! Sign up HERE:

"24" Pre-Registration= $40
"24" Day-of Registration= $60
"10k" Pre-Reg= $15 ($10 for Juniors)
"10k" Day-of Reg: $20 ($15 for Juniors)

We've got a 75 person limit for the 24 hour race. That could mean 75 solo entrants or less than 19 4-person teams. So register early and guarantee your spot!! Each pre-registered racer gets a shwag bag, an awesome course, timing, free camping, and a finishers award.


Tuscarora 24 Hour Ultra and Team Relay Run

-Men Solo
-Women Solo

-Duo Team
-4-Person Team
-Corporate Team (6-10 people)

Friends, Family, and Supporters 10k Run
-Mens 10k
-Womens 10k
-Juniors (under 18) 10k


(Saturday) 6:30am: Packet Pick-up Opens
(Saturday) 7:30am: Packet Pick-up Closes
(Saturday) 7:45am: Racer Meeting
(Saturday) 8am: RACE START
           ~Every 4 hours between are routine weigh-in's for Solo runners.
(Sunday) 8am: RACE CUT-OFF (No more runners out. Runners already out, can finish their current lap!)
~8:45am: Results Posted
9am: Friends, Family, and Supporters 10k Run Start
11am: Awards


We've got a 10k course set in the mountains of Tuscarora State Forest, a beautiful and hidden gem of South Central PA. We've got little rocks, big rocks, and one trail going hand-over-fist up the side of the mountain. I believe in slightly raw, back country trails, and baby, this place has em! But I also don't believe in making something to hard to finish, which we could do here. So we mix it up a lot. There are two single-track sections seperated by fire-road and dirt roads to keep a balanced mix over the course of the 24 hours. While out on course, I kept thinking of Leadville last year. One of the Singletrack sections (the second one) is like a Mini-Hope Pass, just with a hard to follow, weave-through-the-rocky-woods kind of Pennsylvania flair. That is a HARD climb. DAMN HARD. You cross a stream 3 times during the race, giving you a chance to cool down in the mid-summer heat. (twice in the first trail section and once in the second trail section)

18% Trail
18% Double Track
64% Forestry Road


Get cozy with your neighbor and pitch a tent or bivvy in the transition area. Camping available friday and saturday nights. Quiet hours from 10pm-7am.  Primitive camping.

***Note on Navigation: All the following coordinates are in the format that google uses. Most GPS's use a variety of formats. Check the format settings before plugging coordinates into your GPS. ALSO, don't drive down gated roads (closed gates) or double tracks. We are on official, maintained gravel forestry roads.....if you are on something that looks like a trail, you aren't going the right way. Make good decisions and be prepared so you don't get lost following your GPS. 

Showaker Trail Head
Laurel Run Rd
Blain, PA 17006
Coordinates- 40.263412,-77.562973 (make sure you use the appropriate format in your gps)

Showaker Trailhead is a mile and a half up the road from Fowlers Hollow State Park.  Please carpool as much as possible. 


Pits I want solo runners to take on this challenge. It is an amazing and impressive feat of endurance. There's a few particulars that will keep you safe over the course of the race. You can set up a "pit" on the course inside of the transition area (Showaker Trailhead). You can pretty much set up your camp and run by it every lap. This is a good place to have all of your water, food, clothing, and a place to lay down. You don't have to immediately go out on your lap; you can stop in the transition area at your pit and chill out until you are ready again. 

Drop Boxes
Each Solo runner or TEAM (1 per team) can have a platic tote box (like you would get at the store for storage, ~2'Wx3'Lx2'H) transported to the approximate half way mark on course. That point is at the intersection of 2nd Narrows Road and Couch Road, at the base of Amberson Trail (our lovingly named Mini-Hope Pass). There is a campsite there that we will be utilizing for this. We won't have any support there, just your boxes. 

We will have a "weigh-in" every four (4) hours. If you lose more than 10% of your body weight, we will hold you until you get back to weight. If you are between a 5-10% loss of body weight, we may decided to hold you, based on qualitative signs. This is to monitor for dehydration. After checking in from your lap (at the timing tent), if 4 hours have elapsed since your last check -in, you will step into the medical tent (next to the timing tent) and just get a quick check out. We are mainly looking at weight to make sure that you are not getting dehydrated and are maintaining a safe level of health throughout the race. If you are not fit to continue within safe parameters, you need to hang out in the tent until you are ready to go back out. If we have to pull you, I'm not sorry. Your safety is important to us. We aren't trying to cut anyone out from the race, but we don't want people hurting themselves over a race. That's non-sense. 

After 12 hours, you are able to have 1 pacer (on foot only, no bikes). They need to check in with us and sign a waiver before they start. 

On Course Support
Please don't have anyone driving around the course to support you. We don't want extra vehicles on the roads that participants will be running on. That's why we have the drop boxes, the staging area going through your campsite, and pacers after 12 hours. Thanks! 


This is a really fun way to partake in these ultra endurance runs, especially when your friends are doing the solo too! No pacers for team, and you must swap runners between every lap: Except for Duo's. Duo's can do multiple laps in a row. 

Night Time:

You must have a flash light with you at night. We suggest a bright head lamp. We'll start checking for lights at 7:30pm.

Friends, Family, and Supporter 10k Race:

This is a fun 10k race on one lap of the course for everyone thats been out all weekend supporting runners. This is not limited to just those, and anyone can race it. It starts Sunday at 9am, after the race. You can run it, hike it, or even take your doggie out with you! Check in Saturday or Sunday morning to pick up a number at the timing tent. 


We'll have some sweet custom awards for the winner of each category. (It's all about the bragging rights in this first year)


I'd like to thank....

Judy's Hommade Ice Cream

HaySue's Spicy Salsa

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